Fujitsu B-2548 LifeBook Product Specifications

Fujitsu B-2548 LifeBook Product Specifications provide detailed information on the specifications of the Fujitsu B-2548. Utilizing the Intel Pentium III processor 600Mhz Ultra Low Voltage, the Lifebook is also using a display screen measure10.4 inch XGA TFT colour. This notebook is also enriched with a security panel that offers a unique numeric buttons for security lock.

Product Specifications Fujitsu B-2548 LifeBook

Specification LifeBook B-2548
CPU                               Intel® Pentium® III processor 600MHz Ultra Low Voltage
                                       (w/ SpeedStep™)
                                       Secondary Cache 256KB
Memory                        128MB SDRAM standard (Replaceable with max. 256MB)
Hard Disk Drive           20GB (S.M.A.R.T. support)
BIOS ROM                  512KB Flash Memory
                                      Chipset Intel® 440MX
Display                         10.4" XGA TFT colour (Touch Screen)
                                      Graphics ATI Rage Mobility-M, 4MB SDRAM (Integrated)
                                      with 3D Graphics Accelerator
Sound                            AC Link Audio (AC97 compliance: SigmaTel STAC9723 codec)
                                      Internal Speakers (Stereo)
Communication             Integrated V.90 modem & 10/100Mbps LAN
Wireless Feature          Bluetooth™ PC Card Option
Storage Device             External USB Floppy Disk Drive
External I/O Interface 1 x VGA, 2 x USB, 1 x RJ11, 1 x RJ45,
                                      Audio (Headphone-out, Microphone-in),
                                      AC Adapter Power Input,
                                      Docking for Port Replicator
Port Replicator             1 x VGA, 1 x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Port,
                                       1 x Serial, 1 x Parallel, 1 x Ext FDD, 1 x RJ45, AC Adapter Power Input
IR Interface                  IrDA1.1 (Max. 4Mbps)
Security Panel               - Unique numeric buttons for security lock
                                          (More than 800,000 possible password combinations)
                                       - Programmable application launch buttons for Internet,
                                          email and two other software
Keyboard                       Key pitch 17mm, Key stroke 2mm
Pointing Device             QuickPoint
PCMCIA Interface       Type I or II x 2 slots or Type III x 1 slot
AC Adapter Input:        AC100-240V, Output: DC16V 2.5A
Battery                          Approx. 2.2 hours*
                                       (with a standard battery pack: Li-Ion 10.8V 1800mAH)
                                       Approx. 4.4 hours*
                                       (with an optional battery pack: Li-Ion 10.8V 3600mAH)
Diagnostic Software      Fujitsu Hardware Diagnostics Tool**
OS Bundled                   Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition
OS Supported                Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition
                                       Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
                                       Microsoft® Windows® 98 (2nd Edition)
                                       Microsoft® Windows® NT Workstation 4.0
Dimensions                   252mm(W) x 216mm(D) x 32mm(H)
Weight                          Approx. 1.39kg

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