Roland RA-90 Midi Realtime Arranger Owner's Manual and Product Specification

Roland RA-90 Midi Realtime Arranger Owner's Manual stated that this unit uses a newly developed generation system. This generation system is able to reproduce high quality sounds, either natural (e.g. Piano, Violin, Trumpet, Sax sounds) and Synth type ones (Syn Lead, Syn Pad, etc.). Inside this manual, you'll learn about general operation, connection, MIDI Implementation to troubleshooting guide.

Roland as the manufacturer, advise you to use only the external AC Adaptor supplied with the RA-90. Be sure to connect the MIDI cables securely. If the MIDI cable is disconnected while the instrument is being played, various troubles will occue (e.g. the note may continue to sound). Read and understand the Roland RA-90 Midi Realtime Arranger Owner's Manual in order for the RA-90 to function properly.

Roland RA-90 Midi Realtime Arranger Product Specification
Sound Source:
Newly developed generation with TVF
32 Khz Sampling Rate, 24 Mbit Wave Data Rom.
(24 notes polyphony).
"GS" format.
Built-in Effects
Digital Reverb & Chorus 16 Bits.
Switches and Controls

Volume Balances: 5 rotary encoders: Arranger Tone Group A: (Piano, Chr Perc, Organ, Guitar, Strings),
Arranger Tone Group B: (Ensemble, Brass, Reed, Pipe, Syn Lead),
Arranger Tone Group C: (Syn Pad, Syn Sfx, Ethnic, Percussive, Sfx),
Drum Instruments (Kicks, Snares, Toms, Cymbals, Percuss),
Main (Upper, Lower, Accomp, Bass, Drums/S. Effects),
Reverb (Upper, Lower, Accomp, Bass, Drums/S.Effects).
Real Time Switches
Sound Effects (8 pads, Hold), Fade Out, Demo, Revolving Acc Bass, Advanced Arranger, Chord Intell, Arranger Hold, Fill-In (To Variation, To Original, Rit), Break Mute, Intro/Ending, Start/Stop, Reset/Tap Tempo, Bypass Whole, By-pass Upper.
Rotary Encoder
Music Styles
(56) Bank 1-7, Number 1-8, Card, Variation, Sync Start.
128 Tones (+128 via external MIDI Program Change), 8 Drums Kits, Bank 1-8, Number 1-8, Tone Group A, Tone Group B, Part Select (User, Upper, Lower, MBass, MDrun Kit), User Programs (64), User (Down-Up), Cancel Arranger, Cancel Tones, Write.
Master Volume control, Footswitch Assign, Tune (-+), Transpose (-,+), Midi Message indicator, Chorus On/Off & Type, Reverb On/Off & Type.
Midi Select, Midi Part, Midi Data, 8 Factory MIDI Sets, Midi message indicator
20-Digitx2 line LCD (Backlit)
Front Panel
MIDI IN 2 Socket
(W) 490 x (D) 265 x (H) 90 mm
Power Supply
AC/DC External Adapter (9 Volt, 600mA)
Volume pedal (BOSS FV 200/50L),
Pedal Switch (DP-2/6, BOSS FS-5U),
Music Style Cards (TN-SC1 Series and MSL-15),
Handypad (Pad 5),
Dynamic Midi Pedal (PK 5).

If you are looking for Roland RA-90 Midi Realtime Arranger Owner's Manual, please download it from their official website that the link is below.

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