Angry Birds Uncommitted Players by Maura Bouca – IT University of Copenhagen

This study should be relevant to broaden the thinking about mobile games as meaningful experiences to players in different demographic groups.

In the Introduction section, stated that in 1997, Nokia introduced games in their mobile communication devices for the first time (Wright 2008). Less than 10 years later, smartphones came into the market and, in 2007, they were reaching critical mass, mainly thanks to Apple’s iPhone 1. In 10 years, mobile games evolved from being a modest add-on to mobile phones to being a whole new and lucrative market.

In 1997, engineers hired by mobile phone manufacturers developed the games that could be played in mobile communication devices and the games were included in the phone’s operating system. Nowadays, almost any programmer can develop games for mobile phones, and the revenue goes not only for the mobile phone manufacturer, but also to the game developer.

Mobile games are “games played on mobile platforms such as cell phones, PDAs and dedicated gaming devices (the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, the Nokia N-Gage)” (Davidsson et al. 2004 4). For simplification and focus purposes, this paper will consider “mobile games” only those played in mobile platforms whose main function is not gaming.  This working definition includes, thus, mobile phones, PDAs, portable media players and tablets. It is important to point that portable consoles will be discarded from this working definition not because they are considered to be outside the realm of “mobile gaming technologies”,  but simply because they are, in nature, different from the other mobile devices that are not included in the definition. Their different focus in gaming activities makes them too different to be regarded in the same manner.

PDF is not a user guide / user manual for playing the game Angry Birds. If you need information in playing game developed by Rovio, you will need Angry Birds User Manual which you can download here.

But, if you are looking for Angry Birds Uncommitted Players, please download it from their official website that the link is below.

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