Roland GR-33B Owner's Manual and Product Specification

Roland GR-33B Owner's Manual - Roland GR-33B Polyphonic Bass Guitar Synthesizer designed with a small form factor, compact and simple to be easily used by all bass players. This unit is also enriched with a VCO for each string, a duel switch for a chorus effect, instant and accurate transposing to two preset pitches.
Roland GR-33B Owner's Manual contains important information and a detailed explanation on how to use the GR-33B, connections, basic setting, producing sound, specifications and using attachments. Before using GR-33B, Roland as the manufacturer encourages you to read and understand the Roland GR-33B Polyphonic Bass Guitar Synthesizer Owner's Manual in order for this unit to function correctly. To facilitate users, Roland also includes illustrations in any information provided.
Roland GR-33B Specification:
 4-voice polyphony
 2 oscillators per voice
 VCOs (voltage controlled oscillator) are directly harmonically locked to each string, but can be tuned separately
 VCF (voltage controlled filter, low pass), 2 modes, -12 dB or -24 dB per octave, with envelope modulation (attack and decay)
 Low Frequency Oscillator with lag (delay) generator
 Built-in foot switch controls the VCF or VCA modulation
 Built-in foot switches control the VCO harmonize pitch (detuning of the VCO's)
 Built-in foot switch selects envelope presets A or B
 Pedal control input for the VCF
 The GR-33B can output either the guitar, the synth, or a mix of the two
 Synchronized, flashing LED status indicators
 Dimensions: 15.75" (W) 11.125" (D) 4" (H)
 Power Requirements: 20 watts

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