Roland E-80 Music Workstation Owner’s Manual and Product Specifications

E-80 Music Workstation is one of the flagship products from Roland Corporation. This unit is equipped with 61-note synthesizer, new WX sound engine with 128 voices polyphony, various effects, real-time SMF player, viewer display (TXT and BMP), DigiScore, and 16-track sequencer with microscope and macro editing functions.
Roland E-80 Music Workstation Owner’s Manual gives you comprehensive information about E-80, ranging from features, functions, setting up, quick start, how to using the Roland E-80 music workstation, and specification to troubleshooting guide for Roland E-80 Music Workstation.
Some options that you can use with E-80 is the PK-5A Dynamic Pedal, FC-7 Foot Controller, MSA/MSD/MSE series floppy disks (Roland & third-party), RH-25/50/200 Headphones, DP-2 Pedal switch, DP-6 Pedal switch (piano type), BOSS FS 5U Foot switch, EV-5/7 Expression pedal, BOSS FV-300L Volume/Expression pedal, KC-150/350/550 Keyboard amplifiers Memory cards (third-party manufacturers) Wave Expansion boards (SRX-series and SR-G01.
Roland E-80 Music Workstation Specifications
61 keys velocity sensitive with aftertouch

Sound Source
Max Polyphony
1100 panel tones, 54 Drums kits, dedicated EQ for each Oscillator (on Realtime/Style/Song parts) and for each drum instrument on Styles and Songs
SRX Expansion Board slots
2 (for SRX series and SR-G01)
Multitimbral parts
Realtime Effect Processors
REVERB section: 12 Reverb; CHORUS section: 6 Chorus;MFX section: 84 Multi-FX;MASTERING TOOL section: Parametric EQ, Multi-Band Compressor;HARMONIC BAR section: Rotary, Vibrato and Overdrive; EXTERNAL AUDIO INPUT: 84 effects; MIC INPUT section: Noise Gate, Compressor, 9 Reverb, 9 Delay;VOCAL HARMONIST section: 9 Reverb, 9 Delay, 9 Chorus
Style/Song Effect Processors
REVERB section: 8 Reverb; CHORUS section: 8 Chorus; 3 x MFX section: 84 Multi-FX; MASTERING TOOL section: Parametric EQ, Multi-Band Compressor
GM2/ GS/ XG Lite
Preset styles
more than 350 styles on 12 families
Style Variations
4 Main / 4 Intro / 4 Ending / 6 Fill In / Break Mute on ASSIGN SW
Sync Start / Sync Stop
User Style Composer
8 Tracks with Micro editing / Piano Roll editing / Guitar Mode Programming / SRX tones selection
Direct Media Link
One Touch Setting
4 for each Style with customization

For Songs and Styles, 30 ALL, 18 Drum, 24 Bass

For Songs and Styles with SRX/SR-G01 tones selection;Makeup Tools Freeze Data function;Independent 3-band EQ (with Q) management for each instrument (including each drum instrument);3 dedicated MFX for each Style/Song.

Panel Controls
Multi-function sliders
Rotary Encoder with push switch
Inc, Dec, Up, Down, Right, Left
Pitch Bender and Modulation
D Beam
Yes, (4 modes)
3 dedicated knobs for:Master VolumeKeyboard / Accomp balance External Source Volume

Specifications of the Roland E-80 Music Workstation a more complete also can be found also in the manual.

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