Boss DB-88 Dr. Beat Owner's Manual and Product Specification

Boss DB-88 Dr. Beat is a high-quality rhythm training machine equipped with quartz-precision timing. It readily accommodates a wide range of musical genres-from jazz or rock to classical. It digitally indicates the tempo, which can be quickly and accurately changed with the dial. To operates BOSS DB-88 Dr. Beat, you will need dry battery 6LR6I/9V (Alkaline) or AC-Adaptor PSA-Series.
Boss DB-88 Dr. Beat Owner's Manual provides explanation about how to operates this unit, connecting the BOSS DB-88 with other devices, attaching the drum set, and initialization. BOSS as the manufacturer encourage you to read this Boss DB-88 Dr. Beat Owner's Manual for your convenient.

Boss DB-88 Dr. Beat Product Specification
Model Name
DB-88: DR. Beat
Power Supply
DC 9 V: Dry battery 6LR6I/9V (Alkaline) or AC-Adaptor (PSA-Series)
Current Draw
No Sound: 20 mA
1 (Click 1), 2 (Click 2), Tune Mode: 55 mA (Max), 3 (Voice): 85 mA (Max)
Tempo Range
M. M = 35 to 250
Tempo Accuracy
+/- 0.2%
Beat 1: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Beat 2: OFF,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Reference Pitch
438 to 445 Hz, in 1 Hz steps
Sound Generating
C2 to B6 +/- 1 cent
Metronome Mode: 8
Tune Mode: 8
Custom LCD Display
Tempo Indicators x2
50 mm x 1
 (W) 120 x (D) 163 x (H) 33 mm
350 gram
Total VOLUME Slider
ACCENT Level Slider
Rhythm Level Sliders x 4
Mode Buttons x 4
BEAT Buttons x 2
VOICE Button
PAUSE Button
WRITE Button
PROGRAM -/+ Buttons
POWER Switch
Headphones Jacks x2
(Stereo 1/4 inches Phone Type, Stereo Miniature Phone Type)
AC Adaptor Jack
Cymbal Stand Hole
M 6, Pitch: 1.0 mm
Soft Case
Dry Battery 6LR61/9V, 6AM6/9V (Alkaline)
Owner's Manual
AC Adaptor PSA-Series
Cymbal Holder Set MDY-7

If you are looking for Boss DB-88 Dr. Beat Owner's Manual, please download it from their official website that the link is below.

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