Lightening the Lode – A Guide to Responsible Large-scale Mining

This manual tells how important it is to properly manage the mining business. As we know that the mining companies have benefited from the exploration that they are doing to the earth containing minerals, such as gold, silver, nickel, tin, iron, and others.

The potential benefits of mining very large, but losses or negative impacts of the former mining area is also very large. Therefore, mining companies should share responsibility in renewing the natural back they have dug. Gains and losses will also have an impact on the nature and the people around.

Amy Rosenfeld Sweeting and Andrea P. Clark finally published Lightening the Lode - A Guide to Responsible Large-scale Mining to foster a sense of empathy and concern from businesses in mining. We all hope that the mining companies not only explore the mineral material that is in the bowels of the earth, but also help maintain the ecological balance of the land they have taken benefits.

Actually, concern for preserving nature is the responsibility of us, the people who live on the earth. Let us together to keep the earth from destruction contribute to maintain and care for her.

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