Roland HP-600 piano Owners Manual and Product Specifications

The Roland HP-600 utilize SA/S technology to reproduce the timbres, dynamics, and characteristics of many of the world’s most famous acoustic and electric keyboard instruments. More than one voice on the HP-Piano can be played at the same time, by using the performance information (messages) sent from an external MIDI device.

Roland HP-600 can store up to 15 voice polyphonics. This HP-piano equipped with various connectors, such as output jacks, damper pedal jack, soft pedal jack, MIDI In/Out, and MIDI Thru connector. To find out about how to use the Roland HP-600, you are advised to read Roland HP-600 Piano Owners Manual thoroughly.

Roland HP-600 Product Specification
HP-600: 76 keys (light action)
Sound Source
SA Sound
Maximum number of voices
15 voice polyphonic
Preset Voices
Piano 1, 2, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Electric Piano
Chorus 1, 2 (ON/OFF)
Output Jack (Mono, Stereo)
Input Jacks (Mono, Stereo)
Damper Pedal Jack
Soft Pedal Jack
MIDI IN Connector
MIDI OUT Connector
MIDI THRU Connector
Power Switch
16cm x 2
HP-600: 8.5W x 2
Roland Original Oak
1155 (W) x 407 (D) x 126 (H)
19.5 kg / 43 lb 10z
Music Rest, Power Cord, DP-6 (for HP-600)

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