1991 Suzuki Vitara G16b MPFI Car Service Manual and Product Specification

The Suzuki 16 Valve G16B four cylinder engine features multipoint fuel injection and ignition control. Early models employ a mechanical type air flow meter using a moving inner core acting on a potentiometer. The air flow meter also houses the intake air temperature sensor. On late models, a hot wire air flow sensor measures the incoming air flow. Meanwhile, idle speed is controlled by an idle speed control valve. Idle speed is increased when the engine is cold by thermowax device (fast idle control valve) allowing extra air to bypass the throttle plate.

1991 Suzuki Vitara G16b MPFI Car Service Manual describes the various issues concerning to service this car. Inside this manual has useful information regarding the detailed specifications, fault codes, component and system tests, and Purge Control EGR Vacuum Switching Valves (VSV), the ECU Power Relay and Fuel Pump Relay to ECU Power Supply and Earth Circuits. The explanation given is accompanied with a photo of the machine / part that makes the 1991 Suzuki Vitara G16b MPFI Car Service Manual as the manual must be owned by the owner of the Suzuki Vitara and technicians.

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