Roland ASC-10 Scale Converter Owner’s Manual and Product Specification

Taken from: Roland ASC-10 Scale Converter Owner’s Manual

The Roland ASC-10 Scale Converter allows you to create, store and instantly recall any one of up to eight custom-tuned scales which can allow you to play any type of music imaginable! If you work requires the special tunings demanded by Arabic, Malouf (Egyptian) or Bouzouki (Greek) music, for example, the ASC-10 is for you. By creating (and storing) the special scales required by these types of music, you can instantly select the tuning you need-even whole playing!

The Roland ASC-10 Concept

The vast majority of Western music forms –and instruments- are based on the twelve tone tuning system often referred to as Equal Temperament. In this tuning system, one octave is divided into twelve tones with adjacent tones being a semi-tone apart in pitch. This ‘equal spacing’ of tones is the basis for the name Equal Temperament (equal tuning).

Although this tuning system is used extensively, there are many forms of music in the world which use different tunings. Some types of music use semi-tones and quarter-tones within the same scale (Arabic music, for example). Still other types of music use micro-tones; intervals smaller than a quarter-tone.

By allowing you to raise or lower the pitch of individual notes within the equally tempered scale, the Roland ASC-10 Scale Converter can create whatever tuning system your music requires.

You should know that the Roland ASC-10 Scale Converter use only the BOSS PSA AC adapter to operate. In the manual there are also “MIDI Implementation Chart” chapter is very useful for users.

Roland ASC-10 Scale Converter Product Specification

Internal Memory
8 User Memory positions


Power Supply
DC 9V: AC Adaptor (PSA Series)

250 (W) x 120 (D) x 45 (H) mm
(9-7/8” x 4-3/4” x 1-13/16”)

820 g
(1.8 lbs)

In the interest of product development, the design and specifications of this unit are subject to change without prior notice.

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