Roland AT-500 Music Atelier Organ Owner's Manual and Product Specification

Roland AT-500 is a Roland Organ "Music ATELIER". The ATELIER is an electronic organ which provides a generous collection of rich organ sounds. Additionally, Roland AT-500 Music Atelier designed to be easy to learn and use.. In order to enjoy reliable performance of your new keyboard for many years to come, please take the time to read through Roland AT-500 Music Atelier Organ Owner's Manual in its entirety.

In the owner's manual that is for the owner/user Roland AT-500 Music Atelier, described regarding the features, functions, panel descriptions, selecting and playing sounds, using rhythm performance, applying various effects to the sound with Roland AT-500, various other settings to Troubleshooting and Error Message, this information is very useful, both for the user, the user Roland Music Atelier AT-500 beginners as well as technicians.

Roland AT-500 Music Atelier Organ Product Specification

Upper: 49 keys (C3 to C7) with 10 levels Initial Touch
Lower: 64 keys (Waterfall keyboard, A1 to C7) with 10 levels Initial Touch
20 keys (C2 to G3)
Expression Pedal, Damper Pedal
Foot Switch
2 (function assignable)
Sound Generator
Conforms to GM2/GM/GS/XG lite
250 Voices (Included 12 Active Expression Voices)
Drums/SFX Sets
16 Drum Sets + 1 SFX Set
Manual Percussion Sets
6 sets
Rotary Sound, Chorus, RSS Reverb, Sustain, Vibrato, Pitch Bend, Glide
Upper Part: Organ, Orchestral
Lower Part: Organ, Orchestral
Solo Part: Solo
Pedal Part: Pedal
Vintage Organ
Flute (with harmonic bars)
Other Functions
Memories: 8 
Function: Load Next, File Edit
Harmony Intelligence
18 types
Master Tuning
415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz (0.1 Hz steps)
Key Transpose
-4 to +7 (in semitones)
Playback Transpose
-6 to +5 (in semitones)
195 rhythms in 10 groups x 4 variations
User Rhythm
99 rhythms
Rhythm Customize
Pattern editing of the internal rhythms (Drum Set, Beat, Tempo, Note)
Arranger Function
Tempo, Arranger On/Off, Start/Stop, Sync Start, Intro, Ending, Intro Count Down, Break, Auto Fill In, Variation (4 variations), One Touch Program, Chord Intelligence, Chord Hold, Leading Bass, Auto Standard Tempo, Rhythm Mode
Music Assistant
300 titles x 4 variations
One Touch Program
195 rhythms x 2 groups x 4 variations
Quick Registration
150 settings in 12 groups
7 tracks
Note Storage
Approx. 40,000 notes
Song Length
Max. 999 measures
Quarter note = 20 to 500
120 ticks per quarter note
Realtime (Replace, Punch In/Out, Loop)
Edit Function
Delete Measure, Delete Track, Erase, Copy, Quantize
Score Display
DigiScore (Great Staff, G Clef Staff, F Clef Staff, with note name, with Lyrics)
File Storage
USB memory, floppy disk (in the case of using optional USB floppy disk drive FD-01A)
Save Format
MUSIC ATELIER original format, SMF format 0
Max. 99 songs for each folder
Rated Power Output
50 W + 50 W
Tweeter: 5 cm x 2
Full-range: 25 cm x 2
Graphic 800 x 480 dots backlit color LCD with touch screen
Audio Output Jacks (L/mono, R), Audio Input Jacks (L/mono, R), Video Output Jacks (Analog RGB), Phones Jacks (stereo) x 2, Mic Input Jack, MIDI connectors (In, Out), USB (MIDI) Jack, External Memory connector (USB Memory connector), Ext Drive connector, AC Inlet
Power Consumption
120 W
Simulated Dark Walnut
Music Rest, Screw for the Music Rest x 2, Knob Bolt x 2, Cord Hook, Panel Sheet, Power Cord, Owner's Manual, Voice & Rhythm Guide
Bench, Stereo Headphones, USB Memory (M-UF1G), USB Floppy Disk Drive (FD-01A), CD Drive Holder (DH-01), Microphone
Size and Weight ( Total )
1,242 mm
48-15/16 inches
653 mm
25-3/4 inches
1,264 mm
49-13/16 inches
108.0 kg
238 lbs. 2 oz.

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